Pet Training with Wee Beasties

Training with Wee Beasties is designed to help you teach your dog, cat, or other pet new behaviors using fun, easy methods. All programs are family friendly (assuming your pet is safe for all members to handle!) and everyone is encouraged to participate both in sessions, and especially during the week.

Wee Beasties offers private and group training classes for dogs, and private training for all other species.


Wee Beasties offers a collection of programs that vary in session length.

Most group classes will be one of the two shorter programs, while private sessions can be any of the three.

For private sessions, we’ll discuss what you want to accomplish, and I’ll recommend the best program(s) to meet your goals.

You can add additional sessions to any program if you decide you’d like to continue working.

All programs include a variety of benefits:

  1. The tools you need to meet your goals so you don’t have to go out and buy anything to get ready for class.
    • A clicker and treat pouch (or enrichment toy if you already have those)
    • Any specialized equipment required for topic classes (long line, etc.)
  2. Ongoing support during and after class
    • One year of phone & email support
    • One year of monthly brush-up group sessions
    • A private Facebook group for additional support and community
  3. Proof of your accomplishments
    • Graduation certificate
    • Registration for titles when applicable
boston terrier learning high five


  • Receive one on one assistance.
  • Meet in your home (or other agreed on location based on your goals).
  • Set your own goals.
  • Train pets of different species (birds, cats, etc.) with professional help.

Private Training

Private training is a great option for busy people, folks with dogs that don’t like or are scared of other dogs, and those who want to train a type of pet other than dogs like cats, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, etc.

For our sessions, I will usually come to your home, unless we arrange to meet in a public place to practice other skills.

Private programs are very customizable! We can arrange any of the programs to fit your needs, and I always set aside some time each lesson to see if anything else came up the previous week that you might need help with or have questions about handling. Since private lessons are just you and your pet, we can go at any pace you’re comfortable with.

To get started with private lessons, please contact me to set up a phone consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, and I’ll help you pick the program that’s right for you.

Behavior modification for problem behaviors is always done as private training.

Semi-Private Training

If private training is too expensive, but group classes don’t work for you either, you might want to try semi-private sessions!

Semi-Private sessions are for 2 to 3 people with their pets (best for dogs or pets that already know one another), and are done in the home of one of the attendees or a public place to work on skills. This can be a lot of fun if you have a couple of friends or family members and want to take lessons together.

These sessions are still fairly customizable–the group can set their own goals and pick their own skills if they want–but the pace is typically set by the slowest member. Time is also set aside during these lessons to cover things that happened during the week.


  • Receive more attention than traditional group classes.
  • Meet in your home (or other agreed on location based on your goals).
  • Set your own goals with friends.
  • More affordable than Private Sessions.


  • Most affordable option.
  • Don’t have to set your own goals.
  • Get out with your dog each week.
  • Some topics have flexible enrollment options.

Group Training

Group classes are typically based on a particular topic (manners, tricks, etc.) and scheduled for a specific time once a week for a set number of weeks. They meet in the location listed for the class when it is announced.

While group classes aren’t customizable, they are a great, affordable option for those looking to have some structured time with their dog and those who want to socialize their dog to others.

Group classes will be offered soon.

Click “Learn More” below to sign up to be notified when they’re available.

Online Training

Online classes are perfect for very busy pet parents of any species! There are both “private” and “group” style options for online courses–In private, we’ll set your goals together, and in group, you’ll follow along with the goals for the topic you’re participating in.

While the group style isn’t customizable, you will get significantly more focused instructor time than a traditional, in-person group class.

These classes are wonderful for dogs who don’t like other dogs or who are afraid of other dogs or people, and for any dog in general. In addition to being great for dogs, online training is perfect for training cats, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, and other pocket pets.

Online private programs are available now, and online classes will be offered soon.

Species Adaptations

Online courses can provide species-specific adaptations, so go ahead and sign up to train your cat, parrot, or pocket pet (ferret, rabbit, etc.) from the comfort of your own home!