Private Training with Wee Beasties

Private programs are one-on-one programs that are customized to fit your and your pet’s needs. They’re available for any pet species, and you can use them to teach your pet new behaviors or to improve problem behaviors.

The length of the program is determined by how much you need to cover. I’m happy to help you decide on which program would work best for you and your pet.

I always encourage all members of the household who are able to participate to join us for training. Your pet will learn much more quickly if everyone is doing the same thing!

If a private program is too large an investment for you at this time, you can try group classes or get one or two friends to join you for a semi-private program (both these are typically only for dogs).

Virtual private programs will be available soon. Please sign up for The Beastie Beacon to be notified when they’re available.