Pet Behavior Consulting with Wee Beasties

The behaviors our animals choose to perform are to meet their needs.

Sometimes the behaviors they choose conflict with what we think is appropriate which results in a “behavior problem.” In other cases, an illness or other problem can make our pets behave strangely.

Behavior consulting is a special type of training that examines the problem and helps you and your pet come to a solution.

tabby cat on cat-size spotted couch with mouth open as if yelling
Potty training accidents happen sometimes


Often, before we begin a behavior program, I’ll ask you to get a full work-up from your veterinarian to check for health issues that may be affecting your pet’s behavior. 

Once we’re certain there are no health concerns, we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss the issue.

I will provide options for short term management when available, and will then offer you a selection of packages based on your goals. If you purchase one of the offered packages within a week of your appointment, 50% of your consultation fee will be discounted from the package price.