If you’ve ever been accidentally punched in the face by a dog while trying to trim its nails or tried to clip a dog cowering so low there’s barely a space between their belly and your table, you’ll enjoy the benefits of my training!

An additional part of my cooperative care routine includes helping animals be less afraid of (and maybe look forward to!) you, your grooming tools, and even the table and salon itself.

If you have any clients who are struggling with your services, please let me know. I’m happy to bring by business cards and tip sheets for you to share with their guardians.

How does this benefit you and your client?

  • Less time struggling with the pet means better, faster appointments.
  • Normal appointment lengths means you can schedule your day better to serve more clients.
  • Fewer accidental quicked or cut pets.
  • A fear free stand means a better trim (and less back pain for you!).
  • Less taking a bath WITH the dog.
  • Relaxed visits mean your clients are likely to come in more regularly (ie, before their dog is a matted mess or has toenails growing into paw pads).
  • Less fighting lets you detect signs of health conditions and parasites during your session.
  • Happy pets = happy owners (and maybe better tips?).
dog being bathed by groomer; training can help pets be more comfortable with grooming procedures