Liability Waiver & Policy

Wee Beasties, LLC will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for the training of client pets and will offer only sound, safe, and responsible training and training instructions. However, to the extent that Wee Beasties, LLC is insured for any unintentional or negligent errors, omissions, or incorrect assertions, Wee Beasties, LLC will be responsible for any such acts or omissions, but only to the extent of such insurance.

Clients should understand the inherent risks of owning a dog, including but not limited to the risk of dog bites to the client or others. Clients should also be aware that dogs are a predator species and that the safety of other animals, especially smaller and/or prey-type animals (including cats, pocket pets, livestock, poultry, etc.) cannot be guaranteed. Wee Beasties, LLC will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for all animals and people involved during training sessions but will not be held responsible for injuries or death.

Clients will provide Wee Beasties, LLC with full and complete, accurate information regarding any bite history and similar incidents or hazardous tendencies of the client’s pet, and that clients will update that information if it changes.

Clients are and will remain responsible for the actions of their pet at all times, and agree to indemnify, release, and hold harmless Wee Beasties, LLC of any and all claims, whether made by the client or any third party, of injury, expense, costs, or damages caused by the client’s pet.

Clients should understand that the recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of the client’s satisfaction with that product or service. 

Service Policy

Wee Beasties, LLC will provide training and behavior services determined necessary by their professional opinion and client requests.

Clients should understand there are no guarantees in any type of training, and that the success of their program is up to the client through completing the provided training exercises and management techniques for at least the recommended number of sessions each week.

Clients should understand that in the event it is impossible, illegal, or inadvisable to complete services as per their contract due to Coronavirus, Wee Beasties, LLC may postpone the completion of services without penalty or liability of any kind.

Clients should understand that Wee Beasties, LLC reserves the right to transfer in-person pet training services to online training services when deemed necessary by Wee Beasties, LLC for purposes of compliance with government regulations or considerations of client, trainer, or staff safety. Such changes in the delivery of services is not ground for postponement; postponing services may result in their being forfeited.

Payment & Refund Policy


All programs require a non-refundable deposit* of $50, due when the first appointment is schedule to hold the space.

Total payment, less the deposit amount, is due in full before the first appointment unless other arrangements are made in writing beforehand.

*Deposits are being waived at this time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Wee Beasties, LLC will provide a partial refund for *full program cancellation when cancelled at least 48 hours before the third (3rd) appointment date. The refund will be 50% of the total amount, less the non-refundable deposit ($50) and any payment processor fees (Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, etc.) incurred on initial payment.

After 48 hours before the third appointment date, Wee Beasties, LLC is not obligated to provide a refund, but may at their discretion.

Wee Beasties, LLC is not obligated to provide a refund for single sessions in the event the client decides to end their program early or if we can’t find an agreeable reschedule date, but may at their discretion.

There are no refunds for digital products including digital downloads, subscriptions, and online “on your time frame” programs, or any other products where your purchase provides full access to all materials immediately on payment confirmation.

*”Full program cancellation” means the cancellation of all remaining sessions and any program inclusions such as the “one year phone and email assistance” often included in Wee Beasties, LLC’s programs.

Payments & Payment Plans

Wee Beasties, LLC may, but is not required to offer payment plans for those with demonstrated need.

The cost of the payment plan is the program total divided into four equal, weekly payments (plus processing fees if paying electronically), beginning one week before the start of the program and ending on the third week of the program.

Failure to pay by the agreed on dates will result in cancellation of the program and forfeiture of any money already paid toward the program.

The Cancellation Policy for Payment Plan Programs is the same as that for regular payment, but this may change at any time. Please refer to your payment plan contract for the prevailing policy details.


In-Person & Online Programs

Wee Beasties, LLC will provide the same value of service online as they do in-person. Clients may request that or Wee Beasties, LLC may offer to substitute an online lesson for an in-person lesson at any time if deemed necessary for health and safety reasons.

Cancellation Policy

Clients must reschedule any upcoming appointments at least 48 hours in advance. Refunds are not offered for single session cancellations or full program cancellations made after the 3rd appointment.

Wee Beasties, LLC is not obligated to provide a refund for cases other than those listed in the Payment Policy section.

Changes in service due to the Coronavirus are not grounds for cancellation, and that Wee Beasties, LLC reserves the right to change the mode of service delivery (for example, from in-person to online) as deemed necessary and responsible by Wee Beasties, LLC, or to postpone services as deemed necessary.

Health & Safety Policy

Clients warrant and represent that they will remain aware of and abide by local law and public guidance on reducing COVID-19 and any other public health emergency disease exposure, and will follow best practices in relation to Wee Beasties, LLC’s services regarding social distancing and sanitation, including maintaining a six foot distance when possible and/or wearing a mask. 

Clients may be asked to confirm their health and the health of all other members of their household, including awareness of any fevers or other symptoms, before each in-person training session. Clients represent and warrant that they will provide full and complete, accurate information as known to them.